Who is this visa for?

The subclass 489 visa is a provisional visa that provides a two-step pathway to Australian permanent residence for visa holders.

Like all SkillSelect visas, applicants must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be invited to apply for the visa.

This visa allows skilled workers and their families to live and work in specified areas in Australia for up to four years. The specified areas where visa holders must live depends on whether the applicant was nominated by a State/Territory government or the applicant was sponsored by a family member.

Applicants nominated by a state or territory government must live in a regional or low population area while on this visa. (Click here for a list of postcodes)

Applicants sponsored by family members must live in a designated area in Australia. (Click here for a list of postcodes).

How can I qualify for a subclass 489 visa?

There are two ways to qualify for the subclass 489 visa:

  • You can be nominated by a state or territory government, or
  • You can be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a Designated Area of Australia.

Either pathway leads to the grant of a subclass 489 provisional residence visa for 4 years, which can be converted into a subclass 887 permanent residence visa once the criteria for that visa are met.

How do I convert a subclass 489 provisional visa into a subclass 887 permanent residence visa?

Once you have complied with the conditions of your subclass 489 visa you are eligible to apply for a subclass 887 permanent residence visa.

The subclass 887 visa is an unconditional permanent residence visa and applicants can live and work anywhere in Australia while on this visa

To qualify for the subclass 887 visa, while on your subclass 489 visa you must:

  • have lived for at least two years in the area specified in your subclass 489 visa; and
  • have worked full time for 12 months in area specified in your subclass 489 visa.

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