Who is a Subclass 190 Visa for?

The SkillSelect State Nominated Subclass 190 visa is a points based permanent residence visa for skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia and have been nominated by an Australian state or territory.

Eligible applicants must obtain a qualifying score of 60 in the skilled migration points test.

Applications for this visa are by invitation only following submission of a successful Expression of Interest (EOI).

Applicants can be in or outside Australia when they apply for the visa and when the visa is granted.

Do I qualify for a Subclass 190 Visa?

To qualify for a SkillSelect subclass 190 State Nominated visa, you must:-

  • Have an occupation on a state or territory's occupation list
  • Have a positive skills assessment in your occupation issued less than 3 years ago
  • Have a qualifying score of at least 60 in the Points Test (find out more about the points test here)
  • Have a score of at least 6 in each component of the IELTS, or other accepted English Test, unless you have an exempt passport from the USA, UK, NZ, Canada or Ireland.
  • Meet the relevant state or territory's nomination criteria
  • Be willing to settle in that state or territory for at least two years
  • Be nominated by a state or territory government for the subclass 190 visa
  • Lodge an EOI and receive an invitation to apply for the visa
  • Be under the age of 50 at the time of the invitation to apply
  • Lodge the visa application within 60 days of the invitation to apply for the visa.

To find out which occupations are in demand, and each state or territory’s requirements for nomination, please click on the following links:

  • Australian Capital Territory - stopped taking application on 3 April 2015 for the current program year.
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia

How are Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) selected for invitation?

All EOI’s submitted to the DIBP are ranked on the basis of the claims made about the applicant’s skills and attributes. Invitations are issued to prospective applicants who achieve the highest points scores subject to the availability of positions under the operation of the occupational ceiling for the applicant’s occupation.

If an applicant receives an invitation to apply and lodges a visa application, their application will again be assessed against the points test. In order to be granted a visa, applicants have to meet the pass mark which is currently set at 60 points. Applicant’s assessed points score must be equal to or greater than the value of the points they claimed in their EOI.

Think this visa may be for you?

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  • Apply for your state or territory Government nomination
  • Lodge your EOI
  • Manage your invitation and prepare your visa application quickly
  • Include your family in the visa application if applicable
  • Deal with the Dept of Immigration on your behalf
  • Manage your bridging visa and associated conditions attached to it.

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