Are you on a 457 visa to which you would like to add you de facto partner?

Is your partner on a 457 visa which you would like to be added to as as a secondary applicant?

Adding a secondary applicant to a 457 visa is a great way for a de facto partner to secure an Australian visa with unrestricted work rights in a relatively inexpensive and timely manner.

Is your de facto partner’s current visa about to expire?

We can help you to lodge a visa application to add your partner to your 457 visa before your partner’s visa expires and secure a bridging visa while your partner’s application is processed.

What evidence do I need to add a secondary applicant to a 457 visa?

Generally speaking you need to prove that you have been living in a de facto relationship with your partner for at least 6 months prior to logging the 457 secondary applicant visa application, unless you are married, that is, in which case the length of your relationship is irrelevant.

You also need to provide evidence that your evidence that your de facto relationship with your partner is ongoing.

Adding a secondary applicant is an option for all types of relationships including married couples, de facto heterosexual relationships and same sex relationships.

What a subclass 457 visa as a secondary applicant allows you do

This visa allows you to:

  • Work and study in Australia
  • Travel to, enter and remain in Australia for the remainder of your partner’s 457 visa
  • Apply for permanent residence with your partner (conditions apply)

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Adding a partner to a 457 visa is covered by our No Visa, No Fee Guarantee.